Noun consideration has 6 senses
  1. consideration - the process of giving careful thought to something
    --1 is a kind of
    thinking, thought, cerebration, intellection, mentation
    --1 has particulars:
     deliberation, weighing, advisement; exploration; contemplation, reflection, reflexion, rumination, musing, thoughtfulness
    Derived forms: verb consider8, verb consider2, verb consider5, verb consider6
  2. circumstance, condition, consideration - information that should be kept in mind when making a decision; "another consideration is the time it would take"
    --2 is a kind of information
    --2 has particulars: justification; mitigating circumstance
    Derived forms: verb consider2, verb consider4, verb consider3
  3. consideration - a discussion of a topic (as in a meeting); "consideration of the traffic problem took more than an hour"
    --3 is a kind of
    discussion, treatment, discourse
    --3 has particulars: reconsideration
    Derived forms: verb consider2, verb consider5, verb consider6
  4. consideration, considerateness, thoughtfulness - kind and considerate regard for others; "he showed no consideration for her feelings"
    --4 is a kind of kindness
    Antonyms: inconsideration, inconsiderateness, thoughtlessness
    --4 has particulars: attentiveness; tact, tactfulness
    Derived form: verb consider9
  5. retainer, consideration - a fee charged in advance to retain the services of someone
    --5 is a kind of fee
    --5 has particulars: quid pro quo, quid
  6. consideration, thoughtfulness - a considerate and thoughtful act
    --6 is a kind of kindness, benignity
    Derived form: verb consider9