Adjective variable has 3 senses
  1. variable - liable to or capable of change; "rainfall in the tropics is notoriously variable"; "variable winds"; "variable expenses"
    invariable, changeless, constant, steady, unvarying, fixed-income, hard-and-fast, strict, invariant
  2. varying, variable - marked by diversity or difference; "the varying angles of roof slope"; "nature is infinitely variable"
    Antonyms: unvaried, unvarying (indirect, via varied)
  3. variable - (used of a device) designed so that a property (as e.g. light) can be varied; "a variable capacitor"; "variable filters in front of the mercury xenon lights"
    unadaptable (indirect, via adaptable)
,Noun variable has 4 senses
  1. variable - something that is likely to vary; something that is subject to variation; "the weather is one variable to be considered"
    --1 is a kind of
  2. variable, variable quantity - a quantity that can assume any of a set of values
    --2 is a kind of quantity
    --2 has particulars:
     argument; independent variable, experimental variable; correlate, correlative; degree of freedom; dependent variable; predictor variable; random variable, variate, variant, stochastic variable, chance variable; scalar; tensor; vector
  3. variable star, variable - a star that varies noticeably in brightness
    --3 is a kind of star
    --3 has particulars:
     Polaris, North Star, pole star, polar star, polestar
  4. variable - a symbol (like x or y) that is used in mathematical or logical expressions to represent a variable quantity
    --4 is a kind of
    --4 has particulars: placeholder; unknown, unknown quantity