Noun richness has 4 senses
  1. profusion, profuseness, richness, cornucopia - the property of being extremely abundant
    --1 is a kind of abundance, copiousness, teemingness
    --1 has particulars: overgrowth; greenness, verdancy, verdure
  2. affluence, richness - abundant wealth
    --2 is a kind of wealth, wealthiness
    --2 has particulars: ease, comfort
  3. fullness, mellowness, richness - the property of a sound that has a rich and pleasing timbre
    --3 is a kind of timbre, timber, quality, tone
  4. richness, prolificacy, fertility - the property of producing abundantly and sustaining growth; "he praised the richness of the soil"
    --4 is a kind of fruitfulness, fecundity