Adjective ugly has 6 senses
  1. ugly - displeasing to the senses and morally revolting; "an ugly face"; "ugly furniture"; "war is ugly"
    beautiful, beauteous, bonny, bonnie, comely, dishy, exquisite, fine-looking, good-looking, better-looking, handsome, well-favored, well-favoured, glorious, resplendent, splendid, splendiferous, gorgeous, lovely, picturesque, pretty, pretty-pretty, pulchritudinous, ravishing, scenic, stunning, fair, sightly
  2. ugly - deficient in beauty; "ugly gray slums"
    aesthetic, esthetic, aesthetical, esthetical (indirect, via inaesthetic)
  3. surly, ugly - inclined to anger or bad feelings with overtones of menace; "a surly waiter"; "an ugly frame of mind"
    Antonym: good-natured (indirect, via ill-natured)
  4. despicable, ugly, vile, unworthy - morally reprehensible; "would do something as despicable as murder"; "ugly crimes"; "the vile development of slavery appalled them"
    Antonym: good (indirect, via evil)
  5. baleful, forbidding, menacing, minacious, minatory, ominous, sinister, threatening, ugly - threatening or foreshadowing evil or tragic developments; "a baleful look"; "forbidding thunderclouds"; "his tone became menacing"; "ominous rumblings of discontent"; "sinister storm clouds"; "a sinister smile"; "his threatening behavior"; "ugly black clouds"; "the situation became ugly"
    Antonym: unalarming (indirect, via alarming)
  6. atrocious, frightful, horrifying, horrible, ugly - provoking horror; "an atrocious automobile accident"; "a frightful crime of decapitation"; "an alarming, even horrifying, picture"; "war is beyond all words horrible"- Winston Churchill; "an ugly wound"
    Antonym: unalarming (indirect, via alarming)